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              Mitel 5360 IP Phone

              The 5360 IP Phone combines a rich color display with superior acoustic sound to offer an attractive user interface, a clear voice experience, and a future-proof platform with embedded Gigabit Ethernet. Its seven-inch, touch-screen, graphic color display grants easy access to communications information, time saving applications, and extensive features. Whether deployed on premises or remotely as a teleworker, the 5360 IP Phone delivers the full set of Mitel 5000 features directly to the desktop.The embedded gigabit Ethernet functionality enables the 5360 IP Phone to operate in a 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet (GigE) LAN environment and allows unconstrained gigabit Ethernet bandwidth from the network to desktops. The Gadget Sidebar (patent pending) provides the user with a quick launch tool for embedded and HTML-based applications (when available). A vertical bar that runs down the right side of the 5360 IP Phone’s display, it provides the user with the ability to quickly navigate to any application.